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understanding Globalization

Understanding Globalization in the language , and brief experts . Understanding Globalization by language and SASI is Global , Global is worldwide , and Sasi is a process , so if the definition of Globalization by this ahasa in combining into " process is something that is worldwide" The understanding of globalization according to experts , among others :

Thomas L. Friedman : Globalization has idiology and technology dimensions . Dimensional Manfaat daun sirsak technology that capitalism and free markets , while the technology dimension is information technology that has united the world .

Malcolm Waters : Globalization is a social process that resulted in that geographical restrictions on the socio-cultural circumstances become less important , which is manifested in the consciousness of people .

Emanuel Richter : Globalization is the global network that simultaneously brings together previously dispersed communities - and scatter into the insulated world of interdependence and unity .

Achmad Supaman : Globalization is a process of making some object or behavior as a trait and every individual in this world without restricted by region .

Martin Albrown : Globalization involves the entire process by which the world's population is connected to the single world community , the global community .

From the description above , it can be concluded that the definition of Globalization in a nutshell is " a process by which an individual / group produces an effect on the world "

Stages of the process of globalization , among others :

Self- Family Community , including RT , RW , Village, District , City , District , Province , Island , the State , and Inter- state .

So global.

Cause - the cause of globalization , including :

The development of the more advanced ways of thinking and education .

advancement of science and technology .

The discovery of increasingly sophisticated means of communication .

The development of human rights .

The existence of information - new information .

Globalization reason can not be avoided .

Globalization can not be avoided because it is constantly evolving life may not say anything , and definitely produce an effect / change . Globalization inevitably will continue to evolve to follow the Ages .

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