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Goat breed with childbirth. Goat can give birth to two to three cubs, after bunting for 150 to 154 days. Adult sex achieved at the age of four months. Within a year, the goat can give birth up to two times. Resep kue putu ayu pelangi

Goats are the sacrificial animals for Eid al-Adha event in Muslim culture. At the time of the prophet be slain by his father Ismail at God's command, made ​​the goat as his successor. According to the book of the Koran, animals (one of which is a goat) is one important source of lessons for mankind. All parts of the body can be a benefit for humans.


Confidence in the Chinese zodiac, zodiac goat pass independent nature, exist in every 12 years: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003. People are born with the sign of the goat has great independence and able to cope with their own problems, belonging to the flow of Yin, and have a match with the dog and rabbit zodiac.

The types of goats [edit | edit source]
Goat beans [edit | edit source]
Goat goat nuts are a superior race that was first developed in Indonesia. Small body. Gumba high in males 60 centimeters to 65 centimeters, while females 56 centimeters. Weights in males can reach 25 pounds, while the female weighing 20 pounds. His ears were erect, straight and short berrambut. Both females and males have two short horns.

Etawah goats [edit | edit source]
Etawah goats imported from India called goat Jamnapari. Large body, the male high Gumba 90 centimeters to 127 centimeters and the females only reach 92 centimeters. The weight of the males can reach 91 pounds, while females only reach 63 pounds. His ears were long and droop down. Convex forehead and nose. Both males and females short horns. Goats of this type can produce up to three liters of milk per day. Hybrid offspring (hybrid) with goat goat Etawa locally known as the goat "Peranakan Etawah" or "PE". Similarly sized goat with Etawa but more adaptive to the local environment of Indonesia. manfaat kolang kaling

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